On a long break 2

I know it’s been quiet around here. I’ve taken a break from my humour column that I wrote for 4 years (thank you, Deccan Chronicle!) to work on something else. Hope to start posting again soon. Like my work? Please share!FacebookGoogleTwitterTumblr

The startup that’s purifying India 8

It all started when Jai and Veeru went to a temple for prayers. “It was a normal day at the temple.”, says Jai, “We were all just chilling at the temple, on our way back from a Goa trip. Suddenly, some dude gets out of the line and walks towards the idol. At first, I ...

How to be a nationalist 7

Like a good Indian, on Independence Day, I went to the local stationery store, purchased two Indian flags that were made in China, and put them up outside our door. The family and household staff for once, instantly approved of the placement instead of giving me conflicting bits of advice about how I could have ...

Slight disruption to the site

My site was recently hacked, so I might need to take it offline for bit and clean it up. Until then, please use my Facebook page (search for Such is Writing). Oh, and have a great New Year! Like my work? Please share!FacebookGoogleTwitterTumblr